December 17, 2015 Marco Art


For art to POP it must be relevant to the culture in which it’s created, the USA with it’s disposable culture and insatiable appetite for advertising provides the perfect storm to spawn what is truly and American art form… Advertising is in it’s very essence pop art…One of my very first customers when I was selling my art on the streets of SOHO in the late 80’s was a guy by the name of Bill Oberlander who at time was working for a teeny tiny advertising firm called Kirshenbaum and Bond  before long I was in the offices doing a presentation, I’m not really sure what that consisted of but what became immediately clear was that we were in the same business the business of pop art. Pop Art is a brand AND a genre of Art in the art world Pop Art is the sell side, the glitzy slick commercial technicolor sales pitch the shelf talker street hawker sidewalk sandwich sign the mile wide billboard along I-95 that grabs your eyes as you speed by…I know a guy who will stay nameless for now, me him and a bunch of guys who’s names you might know from the A-Life  you might know from the A-Life mid-90’s Era LES IRAK Serf Mint era art-truckheaded down to Atlanta to do a little “neighborhood beautification’ the trip was not without it’s fair share of infractions and altercations …anyway one of these guys…you could say he’s a friend of mine has or at least had a habit of climbing high up on these enormous signs along side the highway that were blank awaiting advertisers and decorate some say deface them with his cryptic messages…Pop Art is the art of advertising a message from the shopping market mind of an ever expanding army of Pop Art consumers who are the creators! Yes Pop art make the buyer the maker just as Picasso when questioned about his famous anti wall painting Guernica said that he didn’t make the anti-war piece…WE or government was the midwife to his inglorious creation so is this culture of consumerism the biological mother and father of Pop Art

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