December 21, 2015 Marco Art

MARCOART makes children’s parties POP!

MARCOART will make your Children’s party POP!MarcoKidsgroupshot1 Marco arrives in style in his Pop Art Mobile or just show up with all the supplies to make for a super fun day of painting.Marco the Pop Artist will ask each and every little budding artist what they’d like him to draw for them on their very own little canvas, then they get to fill in the colors with non toxic soap and water clean up acrylic paint. When they’re done they get to 002take home their very own original MARCOART collaboration painting! Wow! Why does Marco love to host POP Art painting Parties with children so much all over the world in big reception halls or in devastated areas like parts of Japan after the Tsunami? The answer is surprisingly simple. When Marco, a born rebel was their age he 008was already getting fed up with all the rules and regulations of elementary school for instance when he went to gym class exited to play dodge ball but everyone had to play hockey that day or when in English class everyone had to memorize dumb things and then write them in the proper place during a pop quiz or homework in general…All of this really pissed MarcoKidsgroupshot1little Marco off so much that he was ready to drop out of 2nd grade when Art Class saved him from being an unemployed 7 year old. How did Art Class save his life? Unlike all the other classes Marco had to take in elementary school Art class was the ONLY ONE where the teacher gave all the children a piece of paper each and some pencils and told them to 012draw whatever they wanted…that’s right whatever THEY not the teacher wanted! In a nutshell FREEDOM! The one thing every artist and most people cherish above everything else! Marco was hooked! His professional art career officially started in 2nd Grade and has been going ever since and will keep on going till Marco goes to that art kidboothpop6studio in the sky…Until such a time Marco will host POP Art painting Parties with children every chance he gets so they can have fun and be free! 


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