December 30, 2015 Marco Art

The importance of partying

Most of us work hard, but how many of us play as or harder than we work and while many of us pride ourselves on our abilities and talents in our respective fields of influence only a small percentage percentage can hold their own when it comes to getting obliterated in style with bartenders, strippers, and skin divers being a obvious exception to the rule. 

Clearly something has to be done to equalize this imbalance between work and party, after all what’s the point of slaving all those long hours to put money in the bank if one can’t get properly tanked..,pissed…twisted on the substance of choice. The entire process should be as easy as walking through a door. To facilitate the process is what friends are for.

Partying is what unites us a species, to such a high degree that a significant percentage of us were actually conceived in some upstairs bathroom, closet or car seat. Peering back into the distant past we see Adam and Eve  partying our species right out of paradise…

Life ever after on down to right now is ever so wonderfully imperfect, nor is it ever so nice as when we’re naughty, and while none of us know what tomorrow will bring, when it inevitably comes what better way to start the day by greeting  the sun with red-eyes and smile that says: “Party on, my friend…if one day you don’t rise, then the party will end.

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