December 31, 2015 Marco Art

Sweet Jesus it’s 2016…may all of our 2015 worries and cares fly like popped champagne corks though the street art graffiti gallery of the cosmos


It is the pop art prophecy: The ascension of Jesus to the cosmic intergalactic communion aka the fabled extraterrestrial abduction of Jesus from the tomb…soon the superluminal savior God SUN will return cloaked in a crystalline cocoon of pure plasma flanked by a phalanx of flying saucers..of course it’s true! It was on the History Channel…be sure to reserve your seat on the next sanctified ship so we can all celebrate the New Year from awesome expanding fabric of fourth dimensional space time…and say in the fabled words of Saint Jim Romano…”Sweet Jesus” Jim, I’m not the messiah…but sure as ten times will buy a dollar I saw him in a spaceship…the countdown has begun, buckle up for one humdinger of a trip.

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