January 6, 2016 Marco Art

Please be part of the Children’s Painting Place Project

Marco who never went to art school was inspired by his 2nd Grade Art class to this day it is the CHILDREN who are Marco’s Teacher.

Hello, my name is Marco I’m a POP Artist based in NYC I travel the world doing painting events with Children many of whom suffer from debilitating diseases I’ve been to Japan, the Philippines, Germany, and most recently the Middle East where I created huge murals for a special needs center and held painting clinics for children many of whose families are very poor. Please help me to continue to use my talent to put smiles on the faces of these children After a year on the road I’ve recently returned to New York City Where, with your help, I will be able to establish a Children’s art center where children from all over the world can come to paint and express themselves.

I know first hand how important it is for Children to have a place where they can be free to unleash their creativity When I was only seven years old the classes in school were already beginning to become structured.

For instance playtime became Gym class where on any given day the program was already established.

This means that even if on Tuesday I wanted to play volleyball, Nina wanted to play dodge ball, Ricky wanted to play football, David wanted to play baseball, Mary wanted to play basketball, ALL of his had to play hockey if that was the designated sport on the schedule.

The same was true for the rest of the classes as early as 2nd Grade. With the one conspicuous exception being Art Class. In art class my teacher gave all of us a piece of paper, a pencil and told us to do whatever we wanted. While some children, already accustomed to the rigid structure of the rest of the school day became confused, intimidated, and even afraid, others, myself included welcomed the freedom of expression and relished every second.

To this day everything I create starts with the same blank piece of paper, wall, canvas and I feel the same sense of freedom of escaping into a world of my own creation that lives forever in the child that is alive and well in me.

Children are my teachers, they have in them all the unpolluted cosmic power of the universe and need little coaxing to create just the piece of paper or canvas pencils, and paint that we supply them with.

Please help me continue to help them express themselves so that as they grow into adults, like me they will carry with them the freedom that allows them to view the world in it’s entirety with an open heart and mind.

Qualities that are indispensable in the increasingly complex, confusing technology-ruled world we live in.

Please join me in helping me create and establish a wonderful place where children from all over the world can come to express themselves and leave a feeling of empowerment and freedom that they’ll carry with them and draw on.

To draw on, and on…creating a better world for themselves and future generations.

If we, who have the power, do what we can to help provide those who will shape the world of the future with priceless tools they’ll always use and never loose, we’ve can say we’ve done some good.

For your help I will send every one of you who a signed artwork that I created, the more you give the more amazing of a piece of artwork will you receive, from a print all the way to an original acrylic on canvas painting.

Thank you so much for being part of the Marcoart Children’s Painting Place project.

Making Children create a better world, one sketch at a time.

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