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Please be part of the Children’s Painting Place Project

Marco who never went to art school was inspired by his 2nd Grade Art class to this day it is the CHILDREN who are Marco’s Teacher.

Hello, my name is Marco I’m a POP Artist based in NYC I travel the world doing painting events with Children many of whom suffer from debilitating diseases I’ve been to Japan, the Philippines, Germany, and most recently the Middle East where I created huge murals for a special needs center and held painting clinics for children many of whose families are very poor. Please help me to continue to use my talent to put smiles on the faces of these children After a year on the road I’ve recently returned to New York City Where, with your help, I will be able to establish a Children’s art center where children from all over the world can come to paint and express themselves.

I know first hand how important it is for Children to have a place where they can be free to unleash their creativity When I was only seven years old the classes in school were already beginning to become structured.

For instance playtime became Gym class where on any given day the program was already established.

This means that even if on Tuesday I wanted to play volleyball, Nina wanted to play dodge ball, Ricky wanted to play football, David wanted to play baseball, Mary wanted to play basketball, ALL of his had to play hockey if that was the designated sport on the schedule.

The same was true for the rest of the classes as early as 2nd Grade. With the one conspicuous exception being Art Class. In art class my teacher gave all of us a piece of paper, a pencil and told us to do whatever we wanted. While some children, already accustomed to the rigid structure of the rest of the school day became confused, intimidated, and even afraid, others, myself included welcomed the freedom of expression and relished every second.

To this day everything I create starts with the same blank piece of paper, wall, canvas and I feel the same sense of freedom of escaping into a world of my own creation that lives forever in the child that is alive and well in me.

Children are my teachers, they have in them all the unpolluted cosmic power of the universe and need little coaxing to create just the piece of paper or canvas pencils, and paint that we supply them with.

Please help me continue to help them express themselves so that as they grow into adults, like me they will carry with them the freedom that allows them to view the world in it’s entirety with an open heart and mind.

Qualities that are indispensable in the increasingly complex, confusing technology-ruled world we live in.

Please join me in helping me create and establish a wonderful place where children from all over the world can come to express themselves and leave a feeling of empowerment and freedom that they’ll carry with them and draw on.

To draw on, and on…creating a better world for themselves and future generations.

If we, who have the power, do what we can to help provide those who will shape the world of the future with priceless tools they’ll always use and never loose, we’ve can say we’ve done some good.

For your help I will send every one of you who a signed artwork that I created, the more you give the more amazing of a piece of artwork will you receive, from a print all the way to an original acrylic on canvas painting.

Thank you so much for being part of the Marcoart Children’s Painting Place project.

Making Children create a better world, one sketch at a time.

Sweet Jesus it’s 2016…may all of our 2015 worries and cares fly like popped champagne corks though the street art graffiti gallery of the cosmos


It is the pop art prophecy: The ascension of Jesus to the cosmic intergalactic communion aka the fabled extraterrestrial abduction of Jesus from the tomb…soon the superluminal savior God SUN will return cloaked in a crystalline cocoon of pure plasma flanked by a phalanx of flying saucers..of course it’s true! It was on the History Channel…be sure to reserve your seat on the next sanctified ship so we can all celebrate the New Year from awesome expanding fabric of fourth dimensional space time…and say in the fabled words of Saint Jim Romano…”Sweet Jesus” Jim, I’m not the messiah…but sure as ten times will buy a dollar I saw him in a spaceship…the countdown has begun, buckle up for one humdinger of a trip.

The importance of partying

Most of us work hard, but how many of us play as or harder than we work and while many of us pride ourselves on our abilities and talents in our respective fields of influence only a small percentage percentage can hold their own when it comes to getting obliterated in style with bartenders, strippers, and skin divers being a obvious exception to the rule. 

Clearly something has to be done to equalize this imbalance between work and party, after all what’s the point of slaving all those long hours to put money in the bank if one can’t get properly tanked..,pissed…twisted on the substance of choice. The entire process should be as easy as walking through a door. To facilitate the process is what friends are for.

Partying is what unites us a species, to such a high degree that a significant percentage of us were actually conceived in some upstairs bathroom, closet or car seat. Peering back into the distant past we see Adam and Eve  partying our species right out of paradise…

Life ever after on down to right now is ever so wonderfully imperfect, nor is it ever so nice as when we’re naughty, and while none of us know what tomorrow will bring, when it inevitably comes what better way to start the day by greeting  the sun with red-eyes and smile that says: “Party on, my friend…if one day you don’t rise, then the party will end.

Why NYC’s Lower East Side STILL ROCKS

Pop Art legend Marco is NO stranger to the Lower East Side or NYC for that matter…NYC you could say is Marco’s Alma Mater is NYC…growing up in the NYC of the 70’s was a profoundly life-shaping experience for little Marco. For those of you who remember what NYC was like in the 70’s this statement is immediately clear…For the rest of you who A) who grew up in the 70’s or were already grown up but didn’t live in NYC or B) Are a big younger and weren’t alive way back then before Google existed suffice it to say that the pre-cyberspace New York City was so alien to what the NYC of today is like it might as well have been a different city…another world.

For those of you who think that this story is going to be some nostalgic rant about the old day or how NYC was “better back then” or some type of romantic nostalgia or desperate effort to “save” NYC from being swallowed into the gaping maw of gentrification and corporate greed, and effort that is fueled ever-forward with the demise of each and every neighborhood institution…each blip on the life support of a failing city carefully charted second by second block by block, street by street building by building until Manhattan flat lines.

Marco’s view is not so proto-post-apocalyptic, those who have charted Marco’s career in the Lower East Side may actually lay blame at the doorstep of Marco’s first Pop Art Studio boutique which he opened on Hester and Orchard Street #37 back in 1990. Others may choose a spot a bit further down the timeline and a few blocks south when in 1995 Marco moved his Pop Art operation up the block a bit to 186 Orchard st between Stanton and East Houston Street which was absolutely devoid of ANYTHING that could be defined as hip from a retail standpoint. Here some may say did Marco ignite the spark of Gentrification that swept down Orchard Street…remembering that this was years before the Tenement Museum  opened it’s door to busloads of tourists who had never seen a Lower East Side Tenement before, a tour which Marco skipped since he’d lived in one above his tiny store at 37 Orchard street-the building still had the common toilets in the hallway-and also since his Great Great Grandfather had been a Jewish Immigrant who had run his own clothing store in the Lower East Side on…wait for it…that same corner of Orchard and Hester Street. 

So Marco could very well be named and blamed as one of the early pioneering retailers responsible for sparking the inferno of hippification that has since swept though every old business, storefront and left in it’s wake, trendy overpriced boutiques, expensive spas and salons, a bevy of bars, a banquet of restaurants selling organic free range you name it in places that used to wholesale socks, and neckties…

Marco remembers those guys selling schmatas, guys like Jacob Hauptman and the Polish guy who sold fabrics across the street, the leather guys…all mostly gone now…Does Marco feel guilty over his role in this hipster genocide of the old Lower East Side? Of course…any other answer would be a lie. It’s important to remember that store rents were dirt cheap back then…no one wanted to open a business in the Lower East Side, the place was seriously economically depressed, a fact easily overlooked when you see the astronomical rents tiny white-box galleries are shelling out just to have a “presence” in the now oh so fabulous Lower East Side…how they manage to pay they’re rent is as much of mystery to most locals who pass by annoyed not so much at what some may view as the ugly overpriced “art” inside but the fact that they have to walk an extra block or more to get a regular cup of coffee because what is now another white box used to be their bodgea.

Marco, who kicked off his art career in the late 80’s selling his art “al fresco” on the corner of Prince and Greene Street while living in a $500 a month railroad flat on Clinton Street is no stranger to criticism…One critic once went so far as to spray paint the words: “UGLY ART” on the wall next to the chain link fence where Marco had tacked up his canvases. Another time while boarding a plane back to NYC he bumped into a gal who was from the hood when Marco introduced himself the girl said: “Oh God! I hate your artwork” to which Marco replied: “I’m sorry to hear that it must he hard for you to walk around the neighborhood and see it” Marco had a lot of fun helping to brighten up the then rather dreary LES

[2jslideshow id=”944″]

and is happy to see the seeds that he and other pioneering retailers planted grow into a forest of artistic creation that now covers the LES.

So yeah, for those who mourn the passing of the dirty dangerous drug-riddled good old LES, Marco understands that he played a part in inadvertently creating a monster and that while change isn’t always good, what is true is that change, for better or worse is inevitable, and if NYC and the LES operate on one rule it would be that Change is the only thing anyone can really count on in this world and the harder we try to hold on to something that is dead set on slipping through our fingers the more futile or existence becomes. Marco through his pioneering efforts in the Lower East Side and his artwork, epitomizes change as much as New York, like all of us, is a work in progress, and progress by definition is change. 

I love TOKYO!

Marcoart’s style of Pop Art might as well have been made for Tokyo…Whether it’s his prints, toys, original acrylic on canvas paintings… the stylistic nature of Marco’s version of Pop Art is almost as readily associated with Japan as Sushi and bullet trains. From the first Moment Marco set foot in Japan he realized that aesthetically Marcoart’s Pop Art style and Japanese design were kindred spirits this coming from a land where Spirits are KING…some of you may be thinking of their own favorite Japanese, like sake of shoju, and while the “Spirits” in question may be summoned to consciousness an over indulgence in the latter…They are nevertheless eternally present watching over us all and in the case of Marco’s Pop Art connecting souls in timeless ocean of design aesthetics

MARCOART makes children’s parties POP!

MARCOART will make your Children’s party POP!MarcoKidsgroupshot1 Marco arrives in style in his Pop Art Mobile or just show up with all the supplies to make for a super fun day of painting.Marco the Pop Artist will ask each and every little budding artist what they’d like him to draw for them on their very own little canvas, then they get to fill in the colors with non toxic soap and water clean up acrylic paint. When they’re done they get to 002take home their very own original MARCOART collaboration painting! Wow! Why does Marco love to host POP Art painting Parties with children so much all over the world in big reception halls or in devastated areas like parts of Japan after the Tsunami? The answer is surprisingly simple. When Marco, a born rebel was their age he 008was already getting fed up with all the rules and regulations of elementary school for instance when he went to gym class exited to play dodge ball but everyone had to play hockey that day or when in English class everyone had to memorize dumb things and then write them in the proper place during a pop quiz or homework in general…All of this really pissed MarcoKidsgroupshot1little Marco off so much that he was ready to drop out of 2nd grade when Art Class saved him from being an unemployed 7 year old. How did Art Class save his life? Unlike all the other classes Marco had to take in elementary school Art class was the ONLY ONE where the teacher gave all the children a piece of paper each and some pencils and told them to 012draw whatever they wanted…that’s right whatever THEY not the teacher wanted! In a nutshell FREEDOM! The one thing every artist and most people cherish above everything else! Marco was hooked! His professional art career officially started in 2nd Grade and has been going ever since and will keep on going till Marco goes to that art kidboothpop6studio in the sky…Until such a time Marco will host POP Art painting Parties with children every chance he gets so they can have fun and be free! 



For art to POP it must be relevant to the culture in which it’s created, the USA with it’s disposable culture and insatiable appetite for advertising provides the perfect storm to spawn what is truly and American art form… Advertising is in it’s very essence pop art…One of my very first customers when I was selling my art on the streets of SOHO in the late 80’s was a guy by the name of Bill Oberlander who at time was working for a teeny tiny advertising firm called Kirshenbaum and Bond  before long I was in the offices doing a presentation, I’m not really sure what that consisted of but what became immediately clear was that we were in the same business the business of pop art. Pop Art is a brand AND a genre of Art in the art world Pop Art is the sell side, the glitzy slick commercial technicolor sales pitch the shelf talker street hawker sidewalk sandwich sign the mile wide billboard along I-95 that grabs your eyes as you speed by…I know a guy who will stay nameless for now, me him and a bunch of guys who’s names you might know from the A-Life  you might know from the A-Life mid-90’s Era LES IRAK Serf Mint era art-truckheaded down to Atlanta to do a little “neighborhood beautification’ the trip was not without it’s fair share of infractions and altercations …anyway one of these guys…you could say he’s a friend of mine has or at least had a habit of climbing high up on these enormous signs along side the highway that were blank awaiting advertisers and decorate some say deface them with his cryptic messages…Pop Art is the art of advertising a message from the shopping market mind of an ever expanding army of Pop Art consumers who are the creators! Yes Pop art make the buyer the maker just as Picasso when questioned about his famous anti wall painting Guernica said that he didn’t make the anti-war piece…WE or government was the midwife to his inglorious creation so is this culture of consumerism the biological mother and father of Pop Art

MARCOART helps John Legend celebrate his birthday!

Pop Art icon Marco of Marcoart took time out to help celebrate the birthday of a musical legend in NYC Marco, who’s style is categorized as a “witty cartoon-pop-art wonderland” created a special pop art tribute piece for Mister Legend who brought Marco into his inner circle for a serious guest-list only VIP Party!


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